Relaxation Massage is increasingly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury thanks to our increasingly demanding, complex and stressful lives.

Whether you are an athlete looking to induce full body recovery after exercise or you have simply had a hard day in the office and are looking for a long, luxurious massage, then this is the treatment for you. This is a gentle relaxing massage incorporating effluerage techniques (long, slow manipulations) aiming to soothe the body and mind. 

We are here to soothe your body and mind

As well as inducing a sense of peace and relaxation, this treatment also offers great physiological benefits, flushing the body of unwanted toxins, strengthening the immune system and releasing our natural ‘feel good’ & painkilling enzymes.

Treatments vary from a one hour full body massage to a half-hour back, neck and shoulder massage. Whatever the time frame, clients are encouraged to nominate those muscle groups that require particular attention:

  • The full body massage allows an athlete to induce full body recovery after exercise;
  • Maintain muscular strength, balance, flexibility and well being.
  • Can also can be used as part of an athletes training regime to reduce the risk of muscular injury;
  • A full back massage (including shoulders and neck) provides a deep and beneficial treatment which relaxes the body and mind and offers a great sense of well being;
  • A leg massage (including upper leg, gluteal, lower leg, achillies tendon) encourages the removal of waste products within the muscle after exercise. It can also be used as a pre-event or post-event massage to prepare for or recover from exercise.
Special Offers:

"Ed has really helped me through massage and postural advice. I’ve tried a lot of different sports massage therapists and Ed is by far the best I’ve found."

Mark Foden, Environmental Consultant