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Sports massage has an increasing profile in sports medicine, offering benefits for all kinds of athletes, from elite runners, cyclists and footballers, to recreational joggers and gym enthusiasts. Sports massage is a deep massage that really works the muscles and is an extremely effective mechanism for loosening tight muscles and refreshing aching limbs.

Whether you have sustained an injury and are determined to get back to full fitness or you are in good shape and want to stay that way, massage therapy is the answer:

  • Reduce the risk of injuries and help you  get back to full fitness;
  • Aid recovery from injuries and alleviate muscular discomfort;
  • Improve posture and reduce pain (e.g. neck and back problems);
  • Relieve niggling aches and pains before serious injuries occur;
  • Aid rehabilitation and improve joint flexibility / range of movement;
  • Promote a faster recovery after intense training sessions.

Would you or your team mates benefit from a sports massage?

Sports Massage in Northwich, CheshireMost of our clients are active people who come in for treatment to recover from injury sustained during sport or are athletes who need pre-event, inter-event or post-event work.  Stretch Sports Massage works with Sports Clubs from amateur to elite and across a wide range of sporting disciplines (football, rugby, triathletes, golf, tennis etc).

So why don't you consider a sports massage for yourself or as part of a training regime for your sports club.  Great packages are available, so why not book a therapist to visit you at your sporting institution today?

Refresh aching muscles and limbs

Treatments can be either relaxing or invigorating, preparing the muscles for competition, or afterwards flushing the toxins out and helping the sore muscles detoxify, realign and heal in preparation for the next bout of action.

Massage therapy helps speed up the body’s own repair mechanism; it treats the underlying biomechanical cause of the problem as well as the symptoms. This is achieved through a combination of deep tissue massage and passive joint stretching.

For those who don’t play sports but perhaps work in an office environment, sitting in the same position for long periods, or carrying out repetitive tasks, sports massage is ideal. From a niggling bad back, aching shoulder or even repetitive strain injuries, sports massage provides relief from discomfort and aids rehabilitation.

We are able to do Sports Massage in Cheshire and are based in Northwich.
Please Contact Us if you would like to have a Sports Massage or want to have one of our other services at our Cheshire Sports Injury Clinic.

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