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Testimonials of Stretch Massage clients who have used the treatments that we provide at our Sport Injury clinic in Northwich.

"You were really helpful and calming which made me feel really relaxed. During the massage I felt nicely connected and really chilled. Afterwards I felt calm and centred and my mind was quiet. My muscles felt they’d been really worked and totally flushed out!" Claire Turnbull, Nutritionist
Ed clearly knows his stuff and was very reassuring which made me feel more confident about returning to full fitness. I successfully completed the marathon, and I don’t doubt that without Ed’s expertise I wouldn’t have had such a (relatively!) pain-free race. I highly recommend Ed if you have any aches or pains – he’ll sort them out!” Alison Bygroves, Nursery Nurse
"I find Ed’s way of working very attentive and accurate. He seems to understand my injuries and makes sure the pain is released according to my body’s needs. I also believe working with a therapist that has cycling experience really does help, as he has a thorough understanding of what I’m going through."
Matthew Tatler, Engineering Manager
"I appreciated your down-to-earth manner and the common-sense way of explaining the stresses that I put my body through every time I train. Your knowledge of how to prevent and cure muscular problems is excellent. I certainly plan to utilise your sports massage service again – I feel a new man afterwards." Mike Norris, Retired
"The difference your treatment made to me was unbelievable. My shoulders haven’t ached in an age and my swimming stroke has opened up considerably—the coaches really noticed the difference. I really, really appreciate your work! Thanks loads—I’ve recommended you to my friends, I know some of them have been!"
Caz Hoyle, Pilates Teacher
"Ed helped me to prepare for the 2007 London Marathon. A weekly sports massage really helped to relax and flush out tired and stressed muscles, and gave me renewed energy for a further week’s training. Ed’s advice was sound, his optimism inspiring and good sense of humour were invaluable in helping me to the start line. I came in at 4hrs 50, my first marathon at the age of 45. I recommend him highly."
Dave Southern, IT Consultant
“Spending an hour with Ed every 3 or 4 weeks is a sound investment and the only way I can continue playing the sport I love. I’m not getting any younger, but Ed keeps my passion (and more importantly my body) alive, plus I get sound training advice for free” James North, Triathlete
“My job as a professional footballer relies on me being in great shape, There is simply no way I could continue to put such demands on my body without the help and expertise of Ed. A visit to Ed every 2 weeks is essential, whether to treat an injury, for deep sports massage or just to work out general muscle tension” Ben Thornley, Witton Albion FC (formerly Manchester United, Aberdeen, Huddersfield)
"Hi Ed, just to let you know that you did an absolute blinding job on my legs!…I finished my first ever half - marathon in 1.55.21 which I was thrilled with. The outcome, I’m sure, would have been very different if I hadn’t come to you." Mia Pernar, Music Teacher
"Ed puts a lot of skill, energy and enthusiasm into his massage. His treatments are really helping to relieve long-standing pain and tension in my neck, back and shoulders. If you have any injuries or tight muscles, Ed can really make a difference."
Sue Devine, Care Worker
"I do a lot of sports, but sitting at a computer every day leaves me with an aching and niggling back. Ed has really helped me through massage and postural advice. I’ve tried a lot of different sports massage therapists and Ed is by far the best I’ve found." Mark Foden, Environmental Consultant

"Being injured is just the worst feeling in the world, but I was lucky to find Ed’s helpful hands. He knows everything about the body, and his treatments, a combination of stretching, massage and post-traumatic techniques are a great formula, highly recommended!"
Matthew Wynne, Special Needs Teacher
"The thing I appreciate most is Ed’s precision, the ability to find “the spot”, and his thoroughness in treating it. And then there's the depth of his knowledge, built over long years of study and practice in the sector."
Chris Ikin, Dancer & Choreographer
“After picking up a few injuries during my training, my friend recommended I visit Ed. After a few sessions, the pain I had previously experienced had disappeared. Ed’s easy-to-understand advice on the muscular-related cause of the problem and the simple exercises demonstrated not only helped prevent the problem re-occurring, but also game me confidence to train harder." Elizabeth Naylor, housewife



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"Spending an hour with Ed every 3 or 4 weeks is a sound investment and the only way I can continue playing the sport I love."

James North, Triathlete