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Our trained therapists will use a range of techniques aimed at stretching, strengthening and stabilising muscles and joints. Often ignored or done incorrectly, we will help you to improve your technique, improve your flexibility, enhance performance and eliminate pain.

  • Stretch, strengthen and stabilise muscles and joints;
  • Improve your technique and reduce the risk of injury during activity (e.g. muscle pulls, sprains, aching joints etc);
  • Reduce muscle and joint tension, helping you achieve better range of movement;
  • Speed recovery from workouts (minimise delayed onset muscle soreness);
  • Minimise discomfort and keep aches and pains at a minimum.

Do you or your team mates STRETCH enough?

As the company name “STRETCH” suggests, stretching is a key part of our treatment programmes and is useful for both injury prevention and sport injury treatment. Often ignored or done incorrectly, stretching before your workout (especially if you have tight or injured muscles) can prepare your body for exercise. While stretching after your workout helps to return muscles back to their optimum length, promotes better range of motion of your joints and recovery from workouts is quicker.

Flexibility/stretch testing (as part of our treatment programme) provides the therapist with a great indication of the condition of muscle, potential strains and/or damage in areas that are tight. From this assessment, you can be assured that your therapist will decide on the best course of action to help you to return to full fitness.

We are here to change habits that are causing muscular pain

As an athlete myself, I am a strong advocate of teaching stretching techniques Stretching (Assisted, Active, Static, Isometiric, Dynamic etc) that can be used outside of clinic time and where necessary, change habits that are causing muscular distress. This maximises the effect of the treatment, making it more worthwhile for your body and more cost effective for your wallet.

Clients may request, or the therapist may recommend a session solely focused on stretching or it may be incorporated into a wider treatment programme (i.e. Body MOT, Sports Massage).

A few tips

When you're stretching, keep it gentle. Breathe freely as you hold each stretch. Try not to hold your breath. Don't bounce or hold a painful stretch. Expect to feel tension while you're stretching. If you feel pain, you've gone too far.

Ed Robinson


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